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MIlls Family: Beating Degenerative Disease with Shaklee
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Our Shaklee Journey

Ronnie's Story - Beating Cancer


I have always believed in supplements. I've tried hundreds of brands out there, and I think they are all really good. I mean anything is better than nothing at all. We met the Pete & Fran, who are our sponsors today, at a New Year's Party and we started talking about natural health. She shared with me about what Shaklee had done for her, how she had gone decades without any serious health issues or even having to go to the doctor. I've always been skeptical of doctors and antibiotics so I was interested. When Pete told me about all the nutrition that is in just ONE vitalizer strip, I was sold. I ordered the Vitalizer as soon as I was able to and could immediately tell a difference in both me and Brandy when we took them.

We built some on our business, sharing Shaklee with friends and family, but we mostly just ordered products for ourselves. I tried to always keep Vitalizer and Nutriferon if nothing else. But in early 2017, I was diagnosed with an extremely rare cancer. Immediately, I called our sponsors and put together a list of supplements to take. I ordered the Vivix, the Life shakes, Nutriferon, the Liver DTX and the Carotomax.

It sometimes takes several days before the order comes in, so I had already had start chemo following the surgery I had. Those 4 days before my Shaklee products came in were the worst of my life. I felt so hopeless too because they told me it would only get worse as the treatments progressed. I work as a network tech at an internet service provider and my job requires me to be outdoors and do a lot of physical work. Like doing that work feeling the way I did was out of the question.

The first day the products came in, Brandy made me a Life Shake and some Performance and I instantly felt better. From that point in time, I take many products daily - I added in the Vital-Mag, and extra Optiflora. The doctors told me NOT to take anything like Vivix with the antioxidants in them while I was doing the chemo. I tried that during my second round, but I still felt horrible; and so we decided to do our own research - because Brandy reads medical journals for fun - and we didn't find any compelling evidence that the antioxidants would hurt. We even found out that the Alpha-Lipoic-Acid they recommended to treat my neuropathy was a powerful antioxidant! And they are the ones that told me to take it.

Anyway, despite what I was told, I have gotten progressively BETTER, not worse, during the course of my chemo. Except for the days I had surgery and the days I go in for chemo treatment, I have not missed a day of work from being sick. My whole family got strep throat and a stomach virus during the spring and several of my co-workers were sick as well. My counts were low, and I still didn't get sick. Oh - and also - I have not had to have any injections during the course of this chemo. I have maintained a healthy count level throughout. I still have some mild neuropathy, but that was one of the things they told me would get worse and worse and likely be permanent. But mine has gotten BETTER over time and there is very little residual.

But most importantly, I FEEL good. I drink lots of fresh juices now and do more to watch what I eat. But I know that the Vivix and the Vitalizer are the cornerstone of my "treatment." Without Shaklee, there is no telling where I would be right now.

Brandy's Story - I Trust the Shaklee Brand


I have always been a supplement skeptic. With no governance, it is hard to know what is in the vitamins and whether they are actually working. There are so many variables - are the herbs irradiated? Are they contaminated with pesticides? Are the sources even something my body can absorb or assimilate? Am I doing more harm than good? These were the questions I always asked when I took supplements.

But I have always been a believer in natural health. I believe that God gave us every herb and seed bearing plant and tree to be a primary source of our nutritional health. The problem was finding a company that I was convinced held my same conviction to both safety, purity, and reverence for nature while also being able to back up their claims with scientific data.

When I first tried Shaklee, I was on medication for a chronic condition. The condition was bad, but the medication was worse. I was experiencing severe fatigue, depression and even worse health than I already had. I was not convinced that there was help for me and I was full of self-pity and despair. Ronnie purchased the Vitalizer for me, and I took it only because he made me. But I was literally a believer the very first day. Within hours, I was up, moving around feeling better than I had in a very long time. I had never taken a supplement that worked that quickly.

Once I had experienced the product, I wanted to try more - and I wanted to learn more. I was amazed at the team that works at Shaklee and with Shaklee as well as the people who use Shaklee products. Olympians, Nobel Prize Laureates, renowned scientists, NASA astronauts. I could not believe the sheer number of endorsements of the products, not to mention the clinical research to back it all up. The fact that they do quality and purity testing on their products, 1,000s of them a year, let me know this was a company committed to human health, not just trying to make a buck.

I am also very impressed with Shaklee's commitment to sustainability and their history as pioneers in the Green movement decades before other companies were. I don't know if there is truly another company on this earth that has both the dedication to our planet and also the ability to impact human health and nutrition in such a significant way.

We took the products casually, and even achieved some success working the business (very part-time), but when Ronnie was diagnosed with cancer, I have never felt the amount of gratitude I have for these products. It is scary to think about where he would be if we had never been introduced to Shaklee. That motivated me to consider all the people out there who don't know - who are suffering like I did, and like Ronnie could have without Shaklee. So we hope that you will investigate more into this wonderful company. The more I learn, the more I thank God that I was given the opportunity to share in this business, to be sponsored by my wonderful sponsors - Pete & Fran -, and most of all that I was able to have my health and life transformed by the products. We are Shaklee for Life!